Some good vibes! Thank you Lord!

Its been a wonderful lazy Stayed home, talked to my mom, did all what I had to to today.. Then I just relaxed, watched videos, listened to radio and some random music, sang hehe umm well internet was there for me too haha! And I have to thank God for that.. Its not everyday that I get to clear my head up.. I mean I could try but doesnt work everyday of course.. hmmmm feeling so high today with all the positive energy and good ggod lovin coming from Someone up there I know.. Cant explain how I feel, and the weird thing is I dont know why..haha!! Its good eh??!

Anyway, bumped into a really interesting quote today.. (actually I was listening to Boys Night Out earlier and the Shivaker quoted this:

“Love is a wonderful thing, you never have to take it away from one person to give it to another.. There’s always more than enough to go around.. :)”
… and it’s true, anyway I still need to pack for my trip tomorrow, last thing I have to do today.. gotta work, work, work!!


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