Updates from Bangkok to days off

Been a while! a lot of things going on. I’ll start updating anyway…


It’s like playing chess. You’re going through a sick cycle of mind games with a person and waiting for the next move. Or most of the time, you’re a schizophrenic playing chess with your invisible friend.

after a very long and tiring day, I found myself in the most embarrassing situation ever. And now Im numb. So do you think I fuckin care? No pain, no nothing.


Had an awesome weekend with my friends, just in time!!! Did Bangkok, and then straight to Patrick’s going away after party at Vicvtor’s flat.. Got drunk and wasted which I guess I kind of like needed at that time lol had so much fun! Photoooooos of course!!

Pictures from that Bangkok trip
.. Had dinner with good friends and people from the main fleet who were also in BKK.. Then shopped a bit around the Night Market, then found a good place to  get some massage.. ( with Purser Maeva, Victors and me )


Photos from the rest of the weekend..

Well, from Bangkok went straight to Victor’s and yes Ive been living in my suitcase for the past week but such an awesome week, all about fun, great friendships and did I mentioned fun? lol We danced, got drunk, we cooked, we ate, we slept, went to the pool.. so yea where was I lounging for the past week? Tecom at Al Barsha.. place to be! lol

Last but not the least, photos from the pool partaaay lol… GOODTIMES!


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