Busy March

Roster just came out.. Ummm.. Crew scheduling killing me with back to backs, well, I like it! BRING IT ON!  Kala nyo ah… lol

Anyway, Im happy btw. nasad sad pko kagabi kase nalate ng uwi si Khalil, (ay asawa?? lol) so I went to bed sad.. then mga 30mins after I fell asleep, he called to say he’s home na, had a great time with his friends and my flatmate til morning at his place (nextdoor, hehe)…. then we spent the day together, went out for lunch, nagacoustic sing along, I played the guitar ulit after a long while! then ngbbreakdance show off pa kame, haha! till tonite na he’s on airport standby 1am.. how awesome! sana wag nang matapos…

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