Pointless. That’s the point

Thought flying back to Dubai a couple of days earlier from my vacation leave would be a relief, but ooops I thought wrong. I wanna be just happily single! Kainis! Lost? lol Been seeing someone since bago pa magChristmas, his name is Dino, we did several flights together. Well for me he’s a very ideal guy.. on the other hand, theres this guy called Khalil who lives next door, who I ended up talking to after a very long day, a shoulder to cry on when shit happens, blah blah..

Okay im not inlove or whatever, but Im starting to like him and I dont think its a good idea, feelings mutual, but seriously if asked what will I get out of it, the answer is nothing. Just the usual happiness that could only last when were together, But I love the company, the weird  feeling, our stupid jokes, sleepless nights, breakfast he makes, the way he cares, hugs, the fact that he knows everything about me, who I date, family dramas.. blah blah, and yet when I look at him he’s not the kind of guy who could be serious about anything. AT ALL. So, should I just go along and waste my time? Wish I was just lesbian. haha

But Im happy with him and whatever it is that we have right now, should I be bothered??

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