I will miss Katorse

Well this is kind of late but, Id share it anyway.. Been watching Katorse since day one and it was awesome and inspiring, but sadly the tv series ended 2 weeks ago.. Im gonna miss it! Anyway, after that BSB concert I got so busy na with moving to this a new apartment, flying and holidays, there were a lot things going on, i ddnt have the time na to catch up with my tv drama, so finally when I had the time, I sat in front of the tv for a whole day to watch Katorse hehe.. natapos ko nman awa ni Lord.

Moving on, Ive seen  a lot of TV dramas but I never cried over them, but this Katorse drama, man I cried my heart out! I love Jojo!!

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2 Responses to I will miss Katorse

  1. korndogg27 says:

    hi yzelle i see you!

  2. angel_yzelle says:

    awwww… yea i was online earlier! 🙂 woot!

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