Toronto Tales

with mafias Aline and Riebeth

Im in Toronto and its -10, snow all over the city..  its cold and im lazy lol anyway, here to share something..

Theres this girl who used to be my friend, actually she used to be a good person. I dont know what happened to her it seemed like everything she has along with her dreams ate her up from the inside. Not everyone would notice I guess but yea. She have grown to this stuck up person who is so full of herself and all the material things on top of her head.  Im not sure why on earth ME, but its like when something good happened to her life, she has to let me know for some personal fulfillment.

We know this site Multiply, where you can view who views your profile, well I dont wanna say that shes a fan,lol  but shes always on that list. Shes always there. Then one day a friend of mine told me, “oh, shes getting married na pla” and im like “oh really”.. So I guess thats the news, she wants me to view her back so I would know.

So it happens like every month I think, view ng view, my stuff are private, she knows that so whats the point.. I dont view back. Not even secretly, tho of course we could do that. Then 2 days ago, Shes there again.  Man its 2010 cant we grow up.. I went to her page to block her, but before that I was like okay, this time whats new about her that she would like me to know.. She bought a car. On her post she was all about thanking God for everything like she always does, BUT GOD KNOWS what she really does. For me I interpreted that as her front, to make herself look nice. But her viewing hobby that has been going on forever, its to make herself feel better, feel more important.. her happiness is not complete without rubbing it into someones face that “HEY LOOK AT ME, LOOK WHAT I GOT”, So at this point, Im not even sure if she truly is happy, shes got everything. But still, look at her.

Anyway, Im happy that shes living her dreams. Sadly, things can go nasty for some people like her when they put everything on their heads.

…So I promise myself and God, that no matter where I go, no matter what I can buy, I will not let myself turn into this monster. And if this is what she wants, and if its giving her this weird sensation every time she does what she do, I’d just let her do so Id just let her feel good. And I hope by that, it will help her move on.


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2 Responses to Toronto Tales

  1. wow.. I don’t know you personally but it seems to me that you’re very nice! even though you already got everything, it’s like you’re still the same person you are before. I hope I could meet you someday. hehe. and thanks btw, your posts inspire me!

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