Almost a Happy New Year!

Well Im back in my hometown here in Sydney haha! will be celebrating the new year here.. hmm, got my roster for next month too.. a Toronto, back to back Londons and another Sydney and Auckland before my first leave on 2010 where the hell is Paris give me one soon!

The holiday was great with some drops of loneliness for some seconds I guess.. haha! Owen made Kare-kare, Crispy Pata for Xmas and then headed to a club to drink and dance, what a way to celebrate the season! The next day had a Sweddish breakfast at IKEA went around Dubai like its our first time and a fancy dinner at Saffron in Atantis, Palm Jumeirah, next thing I know my ass in back in Sydney !

dinner at Saffron, Atlantis Palm Jumeirah
with kuya Ruzell’s family

be updating all week long I guess.. because its hella boring..

Ok this one’s so out of nowhere, but I have this friend his name is Alex. I met him couple of months ago, and we were really good friends, there was an attraction (of course), but weve chosen to stay as friends, but lately its like weve been keeping some sort of special feelings for each other, im not sure tho, that is really getting out of I think there will be a “more that just being friends” happening soon.. we’ll see. haha!

Anyway, was planning to share something about  Russell, the guy I had a New York affair with once upon a but then I realized that it wasnt worth sharing, but really, what a nasty piece of work.

I think I might write a  year ender entry.. whatever!


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1 Response to Almost a Happy New Year!

  1. korndogg27 says:

    woman i love ur music selection. ive probably mentioned that already. btw happy new year!

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