Sydney: Stories from Zeta

just landed (photos updated 12/17)

Last nite I was at McDonalds with a friend Juvi, 24/7 free internet connection while eating, what more could we ask Then Sue came, a Korean colleague along with one of our first officers.. They came from Zeta, its like one of the most popular bars here in Sydney, and its weird how I skip Zeta these days lol.. at least for a couple of weeks after my birthday.. We all had a good talk which kind of turn those bad vibes around. So I slept with a light head last night half past 2 in the morning lol.. Its always been cool how God gives us answers, and I guess I wasnt even asking everytime His answer pops in!

Anyway, Ive been trying to send new photos from my mobile to facebook and still cant figure it out why the pics cant get through lol shame!

This live traffic traffic thing I just installed my site is cool but somehow creeping me out.. why do I have readers from Karachi? lol anyway thanks to the people from Maryland USA, Quezon City & Sampaloc from my country, Melbourne and Dubai for viewing lol

Oh well, Im flying back to Dubai tonite btw..


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