It doesnt feel Christmas-ish

Idk.. not at all. And right now im feeling kind of depressed.  Its almost Christmas, and I cant wait to spend the holidays in Seoul. But doesnt feel like it.. I think its just gna be some random holiday I cant wait to get over so I wont be thinking abt it anymore. Its killing me.

Anyway, thanks Dannie for making me feel alright tonight. You always do.

In the city of sails,



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3 Responses to It doesnt feel Christmas-ish

  1. korndogg27 says:

    stop comparing it to the past and enjoy the fact that it IS Christmas season, youre alive, and you have loving friends and family.

  2. angel_yzelle says:

    aww.. thanks! hey u adding me on friendster?? was it you lol iono but hey im still sad :p kidding.. itll pass il live 🙂

  3. korndogg27 says:

    i do not remember. i had an instance of adding random people on friendster at one time. i only go on there to find the remainder of my friends and relatives who im hoping may recognize me from the philippines. fortunately, the bulk of those i remember well are finally on facebook and i was able to connect with them earlier this fall for the first time since 1993. how is your son? i think its great that youre travelling all over Asia if I read correctly (and that of Dubai).have a good one

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