ENTRY 334: A lady can dream =)

Im happy! I can feel the inner peace na I think I have misplaced for a little while.. lol With God’s good grace, today.. I am closing na the chapter of my life Ive been hurt, couple of months ago.. Im letting all the pain go now, And like what I have said before, If I fall inlove then bam! but if not Im not gna force anything. And right at this very moment even if I tried to date nman some guys here, wala pa tlgang spark..lol I might just be wasting my precious time, and its a little too soon i guess so, wag nlng dn muna.. THANK YOU LORD FOR THE INNER PEACE!

… Anyway, when I was off to Sydney a week ago, I saw this lady captain na nkasabay ko checking in, I was so amazed.. parang ang “astig” as in like super! so nangarap nman ako na one day, sana I can be a captain too! Sana.. yea a lady can dream..


I uploaded a new photo btw, i like it, looks boyish, thats why I LIKE IT! feeling ko nman kase mas dominant un male chromosomes saken, lol feeling ko lng.. type of music: Soft Alternatives. Movies: Action (tho i like romantic comedies as well), I lke being independent, i like extreme sports, adventures. something like a very strong personality na a bit more manly.. nuks! minsan iniisip ko bka tibo pla ako lol..bwahaha! jok onli ;p

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