ENTRY 332: Things I wanna learn XD

Something I posted on facebook.. I started with Poi Dancing already and I am so enjoying it! Its a good exercise too! hmm in October, planning to go surfing in La Union.. I met this guy who owns a surfing school in La Union, so bam! he’s cute by the way, hehe!

Anyway, got my roster for next month already and I have bloody long haul flights! why they dont give me short flights anymore?? I need a London on the 28th.. or a Bangkok for shopping, Thai massage and Tom Yum Soup.. slurp! lol

…. hmmm another thing, I think love is knocking on my door again. Its been 3 months, is it too soon? lol Ive known this guy for over a year, and if heavens would permit, I might give this a shot(OR NOT?!! lol). A good guy with a good heart I believe. I think he could make me happy. I dnt know, we’ll see.. (I CHANGED MY MIND, NO NO PLA.. HEHE!! HAPPILY SINGLE AFTER!, *updated Sept 2, 2009)

Another thing.. Its Ramadan. My first Ramadan in here in Dubai. Bars closed for an entire month.. Its a bit strange you know.. At malls food establishments are either closed, (well most of them are,) or covered with black cloths. And non-muslims are prohibited to eat or even drink in public. If you get caught, you’ll get fined or even end up behind the bars.. cool huh? lol

dum di dum dum..

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