ENTRY 331: Feels like I’m 14 again..lol

I don’t usually do this but today, fine I will.. just for fun.. This is one of the good things about being single, its legal to feel super kilig whenever you see your crush..hehe.. Well, in 9 months of flying, this one guy, ngaun lng ako ngkacrush at work, u knw nman crew guys flirt bigtime so, eww…. I’ve flown with him a lot of times already pero I never really noticed him, he’s Eliton Rosa.. he’s GR2. The funny thing is his brother and I are really good friends, Marco, he’s SFS (my senior) So I ddnt know that theyre brothers till we all flew together..I was thinking nga if they were gay, (what a waste..lol) cuz they always talk to each other..so un sa briefing noticed the surname.. lol Eliton is so suplado. That’s why crush ko ang mokong.. I like suplado guys hehe.. Basta something happened lang onboard which was so funny, then un he started talking to me.. we chat nrin sometimes. E Im so feeling, lahat saken may ibig sabihin na kagad..lol im like that pag my crush ako, haha!! hmm.. photo of course!!

(photo deleted hehe! Oct-09-09)

Anyway, may isa pa.. lol we ddnt have any moments nman.. he was a classmate back in gradeschool sa Canossa.. was just browsing somewhere then I saw his picture sa common friend’s pfile. He looks so cute huh. Akalain mo nga nman. I remember dati I dnt knw why, pero inis ako sa kanya..lol talagang npka gradeschool, haha! Ayun he’s a registered nurse na back home.


Anyway I guess thats it for this entry, I just felt like sharing today.. Cheers!

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