CN Tower: 1,815.4 ft high

I just got back from Toronto last nite, just too lazy to update here, kidding.. hmm I had so much fun, did massive shopping, my goodness.. hehe..

The tallest free-standing structure on land (1,815.4 ft), but yea on September 2007 after holding the record for 31 years, the CN Tower was surpassed in height by the Burj Dubai..


sum of the pics.. there are more on facebook, friendster, multiply.. if you’re my friend lol

Today I did nothing..just relaxed, watched tv.. Tmrw, going to the mall with Natalya to buy fruits, veggies & cooking ingredients.. Btw, tonite after taking a bath, I recieved a call, number was unknown, its like +996 ** something, so I was like “who’s this?”, I was surprised to hear Ryan’s voice. he was like “Ga, anong who’s this? ganon.” funny tlga kanina.. e ayun kmustahan. Secret na un But yea, missed him. And I’m glad he called.

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