ENTRY 325: Wee ooh wee ohh wee.. hehe

Back from cold Sydney.. no pictures to post hehe.. just wanna share the good vibes! hmm happy lang, just wanna thank God for it and for his endless blessings! I missed my room, my bed and im a bit nasusuka na sa amoy ng eroplano.. lol been in the blue skies for the past week and i hnd pa man din nkakasettle sa hotel, the next thing  I know, its boarding time again! hmm got sum days off, pahinga! yey! then flying to YYZ on the 20th. havnt updated my roster pa here, tamad e! hmm watched pla Love and Dancing! I lalalalovee! I miss dancing so much! I just slept for 3 hrs yta then I went to the Mall of the Emirates to check this dance studio out, kaso sadly it wanst really a dance studio, its a thearte arts thing pla.. but then im still looking for a dance studio so i can start dancing again! share ko lang un photo, hihi!

I was like, oh my, oh my, oh my!!!!
i also like the soundtrack, “Just Like This” by Holly Brook.

Trailer here, just in case

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