ENTRY 324: Twittering! / MJ’s touching memorial

Another bum, but beautiful day! Well, I updated my playlist today with my fave feel good R&Bs: Take It Fro Here by Justin Timbetlake, Put That Woman First by Jaheim, Southside by Lloyd feat. Ashanti, It Aint Over Till Its Over by Lenny Kravitz & Chocolate High by India Arie. lol Since I spend most of my online time tumambay around my blogidoo, so yup these songs make me feel good.

Another update! I updated my site with a twitter box as well, so more close nman tayo as in tight na tigh..lol whatever it is that I’m doing, blogidoo is so so updated in real time, cool eh?

Last nite btw, watched Michael Jackson’s memorial.. It was so touching. MJ was always an idol for me, idk but we all kind of grew up nman with his music, touched by his songs & amazed with his dance moves.. He will surely be missed of course, rest in peace MJ!

I watched the memorial live on Facebook, this was the scene na I screenshot, was really sad to see the stage empty.


fave Michael Jackson song, Man In The Mirror.

just pause my other player if you’re going to listen to this

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2 Responses to ENTRY 324: Twittering! / MJ’s touching memorial

  1. korndogg27 says:

    i just got into twitter myself! n thanks for sharing the song!

  2. angel_yzelle says:

    hey thanks for dropping by 😀 its been a while u take care!

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