ENTRY 323: Ed’s Bday at Chikka Grill



with Tere, Lei, Kriska & Marj

This is a late post since I just got photos last nite, so yup posting some of the photos.   We left the apartment at around 11:30pm after a late dinner.. Had so much fun, Its been a while since I last went to Chikka Grill,a  very popular Filipino Bar here in Dubai and yea I was sad na Tristan is not there anymore, the guy who plays base sa band, but yes, they still rock..
hmm, felt good to let loose sometimes, hehe.. well I dnt really drink like DRINK-DRINK pero I enjoyed the vodka cranberry, if I got that right..lol I dnt like beer kasi, doest smell and taste good.. so un nka 6-7 tumblers ako hehe ang galing! pero un I threw up sa toilet sa dami ng nainom ko. I was even thankful na I managed to walk pa papuntang washroom.haha! then when I got there, npahawak nlng ako sa may sink and I said to Marj, tinamaan n yta ako.. and she laughed at me, “hello? kanina pa kaya..haha!”-Marj.. Funny then I took off my sandals sabi ko ang taas im not comfortable anymore and went to pee. and then after ko dn mgsuka, I felt so ok na ulit kaso I almost forgot na nkapaa ako lol.. pero un sayaw kami ulit.. as in super enjoy! we went home at around 3:30am…

Enjoy pero so much drinking is never gna happen again..haha!! whew! high!

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