July lalala-LOVE!

… well not really. was just going to update, hehe.. Umm I’m feeling much much better lately.. I was telling my bestfriend Ish about it and she said that she’s so happy for me, I have a heart again lol.. boohoo!! But yea, I’m feeling more like my fave version of myself, before letting someone in my heart again. I started cooking again, and man they’re the best, lol, started working out again as planned. Got my hair dyed again (no photos yet, but soon!), cleaned my closet, rearranged my room, hehe. Umm, this may sound really cheesy but yes! the old habit of watching these romantic comedies and romantic films suddnely came back, and earlier this day found myself watching Notting Hill for like the Nth time.. I knew that feeling not so long ago, that evertime I see these kinds stuff, feeling ko Im falling inlove na rin.. (John Lloyd movies pa nga e..haha!) so yup.. little by little, heart’s recovering, and I’m glad.

umm.. this was taken in London, I remembered lang when I saw Notting Hill nga earlier. yiheee!

I forgot to post na, I did SYD couple of days ago, happy nman had a great time, had my first layover in Auckland (27hrs)

a bit dark but I’ll take a good one next time. Auckland Tower in the bg.

One more thing.. I started watching this Kapamilya teleserye, hehe The Wedding starring Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsey and Zanjoe Marudo, as in inaabangan ko every night, if I happen to miss it nman, I watch the recorded one nman at Hayag.com, hehe ganda promise! *apir*


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