ENTRY 321: On a Chocolate High :D

… what a feel good song. Well, its been a week of feeling so consumed with my recent breakup. whew.. So yea I guess enough of being sad. Time to pull myself together and move on. Hmm.. I’ll be flying to Sydney tomorrow, work work work.. I missed Sydney, haven’t been there for a while. But ugh! its gna be cold na in Sydney. Anyway, umm.. I guess I wont be going home on the 27th, I might go crazy lang and do stupid things. lol Thank You Lord for making me feel better.

So lets just end this with a quote, hehe! :

I love like I’ve never been hurt, I dance like no one is watching, I live as if it’s my last day, and I thank God for the good life.. Cheers!

*** Happy Father’s day to all the good dads in the world!! to me too!! its my 2nd year!
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