ENTRY 319: Same shit different day.

“Umm, here I go again. I know this is a bit kind of late but yea, i’m admitting it. My heart is broken and its making me sick, but I have to deal with it. This is shit man.. Been here before and the hell, again, and how many more agains?
This is the worst feeling I guess.. damn! It jst doesnt look like it but, Im just good at hiding it. No one cares cuz I look strong. PUTANG-INA! there you go, same old pain.. Its not that you want the person back or something, but having the kind of job like mine, it gets lonely sometimes. Lonlier when you realize that no one cares for you, in a romantic way i mean, I travel a lot but my heart stays at home, to those people who I love. I just can’t believe that even a good guy can hurt me, and if someone would ask me why did we broke up, the  answer is “IDK” . And now what? like before I have to embrace the pain. Then it would take a while, maybe I’ll meet someone again along the way, and then when I just fell madly inlove again, same shit will happen. Screw relationships and the fact that I can’t keep one! Fcuk!!!!!!!! ” – The complaining version of myself.

It feels good to let these feelings out. I’m glad to always have this blogsite. lol hmmm but yes the calm version of myself wouldn’t say those things. So I would say, Things happen for a reason, God has a different plan for me, and if I havent  figured out yet whats the moral lesson from this story, He wants me to look for that lesson, so when its the time for me to be with someone again, things are going to be much better. Again, I’m surrendering my heart to You Lord. You know best. I just pray that you take all these pain away..soon.  ..kase ang sakit sakit na.

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