Some Bangkok love

Ddnt see much of it, cuz I was really lookn forward to

Stayed at Holiday Inn Silom.. suite was great 😀

Silom Bodyworks, with Acelya

I just changed after arriving, then we went straight to Silom Bodyworks to get our Thai Massage, which was so so good!!

Had dinner at one of the restos near the Night Market (which I enjiyed as well :D), had some spicy Tom Yum Soup, i looooooooved! after that, Night market, then went back at the hotel at around 1am..

Next morning, went shopping spelled as M-B-K, lol.. bought a lot for my soon to open fashion botique, so yea watch out for it 😀 Everything went great aside from local people trying to speak to me in Thai, PINAY PO AKO.. hahaha!!

Had a tuktuk experience, hehe.. parang tricycle lng actually.. Umm.. the taxis were cute, they were in all red, blue, green, pink, orange…so on.

good stay.. see u soon again Bangkok!

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