ENTRY 314: Departure area goodbyes.

Im off to Manila for my 2nd leave. I met an engineer from EK. She was with her niece. The boy was  here to see his mom for a couple of weeks (whom I met earlier too.) Im here at the airport just waiting for boarding.. *sighs* I saw this boy crying, telling his aunt that he misses his mom already.. It made me a bit sad too.. damn hate goodbyes.. Imagining my little boy in few years. Mommie working overseas to give him a comfortable life, I know this isnt gna be easy. But unlike romantic relationships, this boy will always be mine. I cant wait to see you honey. And its always gna be YOU & ME.
Well, I think Im boarding in a bit.. Ill post something again soon.. I cant wait to see everyone  from my LHR flight hrs ago and yea.. I cant blv im gna be eating aircraft meal again.. but who cares, no sleep.. IM ON A HIGH!

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