ENTRY 313: Love begins with one HELLO and ends with… yea it ends sometimes.

“Some people think that it’s holding on that makes one strong; sometimes it’s letting go.”  —unknown

Ryan & me broke up tonight. Some things just don’t work for some people. For us. I guess we saw it coming, but no one was brave enough to say it until tonight. It was sad, but at the same time I was able to breathe, just like the way I used to. Tomorrow morning, I will wake up with a light heart because it’s empty once again, because I had, I mean we had the courage to let go.. that because we made the right choice.. and that the day after tomorrow we wont be hurting each other anymore. We will never hurt each other again. God knows we tried.

* I don’t know if you will ever visit this site Ryan but, just wanna say things that I wish told you everyday. I loved you. I even loved those things that I hate about you. hehe.. I loved our differences. I loved the fact that you can be cold at times, it made me long for you even more. I loved the patience, I mean that you don’t argue with me.. it makes me yell like ‘argggghhhh!!!’.. and loved you even more, haha!! I don’t know if you ever needed me  to be there, but I wish we could have celebrated Xmas, New Year & your birthday together. Wish I could have spent more time with you. But this is me, I have to fly.

I’d be forever greatful that you happened. We’re not better off apart, we’re just….. apart. Hope we could still keep each other even as friends. I loved you Ga! Thank you for letting me fall in love again…

after 42 entries.. here we are. But I can still remember how I felt When We Officially Got Together hehe..

LISTENING TO: Sunrays & Saturdays by Vertical Horizon

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2 Responses to ENTRY 313: Love begins with one HELLO and ends with… yea it ends sometimes.

  1. teamilksugah says:

    aw girl, you got me teary-eyed while i was reading this. i love how you wrote exactly how you felt, and you weren’t bitter about the breakup. i don’t know what words of encouragement i can say to you except that you seem to be a strong, independent woman with great insight. more power to you :). tc

  2. angel_yzelle says:

    @TEAMILKSUGAH hey thanks for dropping by.. iono what to say, its still a breakup but yea i think it happens everyday i hust got lucky mine’s not so dramatic and painful.. the only thing that keeps playing on my mind is when i first met him, and i guess thats how i want to remember him. 😀 thank u!!!

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