ENTRY 312: Sum random blogidoo outstation.

1135; May 19

I’m in Heathrow again.. Damn I slept for like 12hrs already.. haha.. Anyway, I mentioned catching up with my Tree Hill addiction. Season 6 is so my season. I felt like grew up with Tree Hill. lol Not the drama, or maybe, but yea with everything that is happening right now like people getting married and having kids. Pretty amazing. Im on Episode 16 where Peyton had her first ultra sound. When Lucas went in, kind of like cried. haha! I know this is so highschool but I just remembered myself in that situation when I was, yes. Just by myself. But hey, things went out just right and I’ll forever celebrate life with my precious little one :).

Another thing.. Lucas is marrying Peyton. If you know me so well & been  watching Tree Hill you’ll get what I’m saying. In season 5 Luke was about to marry Lindsay but it ddnt happened. Well in my story Luke married Lindsay. End of story. Life is not a TV series. lol

…On the other hand, did I mentioned that I slept for 12hrs? haha..I had the most horrible dream ever. My goodness. If that happens, oh please God forbid!.. When I woke up I saw this note at the door sayn that the return sector will be delayed. Sweet.

…Im coming home pretty soon. After this, I’ll have a rest day and fly again and then yea.. HOME.

I’ve been thinking about something lately. Something I’m not so happy about anymore. I wish I know what to do. I’m still thinking.

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