ENTRY 311: Bum day!

…not really, but hmm… it’s exactly 5:48pm Dubai time. I’m still in bed and watched 6 episodes of One Tree Hill’s season6 and currently listening to old songs. Had breakfast during lunch. hahahha! Anyway, just got back from a New York flight last night, we landed at around 8pm. My last JFK for the month. hmm.. sure gna miss it. Morning before the return flight, went out for lunch and a little shopping. I love walking around New York’s busy streets. It was cloudy n a bit dark but at around 2, sun showed up. hmmm, cool wind on my face, priceless!

some Empire State view & with my friend Thitikan

Got 2 days off, i mean including today. then the day after tmrw flying again somewhere. Its been 6 months of flying. Some people are getting bored already. Friends calling in sick & some are planning to leave Emirates. hmm.. I love being with Emirates. I enjoy what Im doing, bcause its for my son & my family. Malayo man malapit din, hahahaha!!
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