ENTRY 310: Once in a Blue Moon…

blue moon over Manhattan

… rostering department would give me a lot of New York flights in the middle of the swine flu thing. 2 more JFKs to go.

… we meet assholes, fronting like GOOD SAMARITANS along the way. I met one 10 months ago and just got rid of one in less than 24hrs earlier. Same person. Then we ask heavens why do we even have to meet this fake ass people. Of course its not gna rain answers but then, God has a diff way of giving us answers.

… you will wish an old friend and his wife “Best Wishes”, and whisper to yourself that they really are for each other and just can’t help but be happy for them

… I sit in front of my pc and think of the things that happened in my life and start to blog about it. And ask myself if Im on the right track. I looked around. I sighed. Everything looks good from where Im sitting. And then I ddnt want to move so I wont see the rubbish under my bed, dirty clothes to be laundered, suitcase to be unpacked. But then of course I have to move. Saw things that were needed to be done. I sighed. And I started working again.

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3 Responses to ENTRY 310: Once in a Blue Moon…

  1. korndogg27 says:

    oh wow… u got as close as 5 hours from me?? tsk tsk tsk

  2. angel_yzelle says:

    aww.. really? hmm never been to Maryland but yea hope we fly there too.. hw are you anyway? tc!

  3. Hi Yzelle, thanks sa comment sa blog ko… You were in new york May 7-9!? I was also there! If only I knew sana nag meet tayo..have breakfast or something…di bale, there will always be a next time, hehe! Take care always… God bless

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