New York, xoxo

(April 23) We stayed at Sheraton Hotel & Towers 53rd St. Manhattan, NY

My hotel room.

An hour after getting there met up with my FG1 Troy, Carri from economy and the happy people from the flight deck 🙂

Thanks to my photographer / tour guide Troy


Had dinner at Virgil’s 44th St.

After having dinner, these people disappeared leaving me & Troy wandering around Times Square.. went for a walk took pictures, found a bar nearby, i forgot which had a couple of drinks, went again for a walk and sang our hearts out in the streets..

Forgot the which bar was it. lol


Met up with a friend Russell from Long Island. Road trip.
If Im actually being honest, since Ryan started going out with female friends on their own, kinda lost trust. And not to get back at him for it, Im making it ok to go out with male friends on our own. Why the double standards right.

Next morning, again with Troy, started the day with a fantastic brunch and wandered around the city.. 🙂

Well, thats about it.. need some real sleeeeeeeeep now..
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1 Response to New York, xoxo

  1. teamilksugah says:

    glad you enjoyed NYC!! i went to college near Columbus Circle where that globe is in your pic. where did you have brunch? (i love brunch!)

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