Freaky Friday the 13th


** movie marathon ako today, since sobrang tinatamad nman ako to go out. Pero earlier Owen went here para bisitahin ang may sakit sakitan, (kse ayoko sumama mgbar, tinatamad pko e..) Ayan ngdala ng pizza. Talked to Dannie rin earlier. Missed u Bu! My longtime boy toy on the side.. sabi nya..


my lovely candles.. relaxxx..

Home alone again. Lei’s in Sydney & Maggie’s in New York.. haay.. hate days off! I get bored and like what Leng said “a bored mind is prone to evil.. ” LOL So tinoyo ako tonite.. I love you Ga.. Happy 5th month & more to come.. I miss his smile & everything about him. naks. haha.. Tulog kna pla. ;p Thanks sa suka para sa toyo..ok na!


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