EK Flight 001



Everything was okay. Pretty busy flight again. During boarding a first class passenger came up to me, I thought he as looking for a lavatory, but then he said “goodmorning my dear, I have a gift for you..” Im like,  so surprised, I thanked him. =) Making someone’s day was my job, but then yea, forget about the rude people I meet onboard, this one’s a frequent flyer who is very happy with the service we deliver onboard.




view from the top.

2 hours before descent, when everyone was busy for the last service, Purser Celine made a PA asking if we have a doctor on board. Oh man. I know it was serious. When she saw me, she asked me to come down immediately with cold towels. I saw this pale man rubbing his chest. I knew it was him. Wiped his face with a cold towel, George(SFS) took the emergency oxygen tank, held it while George was taking his blood pressure. I had nothing to say but “Just breathe normally sir, youre gna be ok”. His wife was so worried sitting beside him with their kids. A doctor onboard, thnk the Lord for him, it was a suspected heart attack. Celine asked me to go back to my station. I sighed. That was the first time I encountered something like that. When we landed, paramedics were there to take care of the man.

* Just woke up actually, I had a good rest. Im going to the restaurant maybe in an hour for bfast. Were flying back in 6hrs. Then Im doing New York after days off. =)

* By the way, I was thinking of dancing again. ;p I downloaded dance videos, and damn I miss my old days. I saw this dance studio at the Mall of Emirates, and Im kind of interested. Got days off so its a good thing. =)


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