Ladies Nite with Teng & Nat

Some girls get bored wen left in their flats alone.. haha! Yesterday, I had lunch at Teng’s then we went to the mall, bought some stuff for the flat,to make it a bit more homeyy nman.. And im happy with what i got. 😉 Dinner was at Natalya’s flat, since I am too lazy to cook sorry girls, haha.. I was a total parasite if not for the chicken that I shared for Nat’s dish ;p

Girl talk, girl talk, girl talk and a lot more of it.. Teng brought her Smirnoff to knock the night off, haha.. had fun, finally my first drink here in Dubai. =) it was good, felt good. =)  I should drink occassionally, at least.. ;p

DSC04099 DSC04091 DSC04090 DSC04094 DSC04097 DSC04108 DSC04112 DSC04121

We sang, we danced like crazy.. It was a good one =) Next thing we did was stole some bricks sa labas.. haha then I displayed mine sa flat.. bwaha =) its good to be crazy once in a while..

SOMEONE’S SUCH A WITCH! – I’m like  ‘Thank you so much for rubbing it in, my dear..’ but like I give a shit.. that was oviously on purpose. Why can’t we all just move on? Just be thankful that we broke up after years and now u have a fiance, right? =) everybody happy, kk 😉 Anyway, the minute I committed myself to R, I made sure that I was over my longtime thing, cuz if not that would be unfair to him. And I would never ever do that to him.

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