Missed xanga.

I was so busy flying i wasnt able to update baby xanga with pictures.. ang sad.. =( anyway, im gna try my best this time mejo sinisipag.. haha =) Im actually home =) as in d2 sa Pinas. been here for almost a week na.. im happy to see everyone =)

* New year we went to Sharjah Aquarium, Sharjah another Emirate. Then we went to Madinat, Venice of Dubai..lol



* lumipad kung san san, latest sa Sydney-Auckland.. =) ang sarap summer! inaugural for our baby a380 sa Sydney. Laboy & patries.. =)

DSC03629 DSC03633 DSC03649


DSC03754 DSC03737

DSC03695 DSC03742


* right after ko mkabalik sa Dubai from a week layover sa Sydney, nagstay ako for 15 mins sa flat ko then went back to the airport to fly to Manila..  =) I watched Ryan drive again na namiss ko ng sobra.. then my Hayden =)



*  Gna be staying here til the 23rd.. then flying somewhere na ulit sa 24th =) Im Happy. Thank you po Lord.

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