Is he cheating?

I dnt get it why do i have to dwell so much on some little details. Ending up stabbing myself to death. hate it.

I need an explanation. And it bettr be good.

What came into my mind:

1. im losing him

2. may titingin na iba so i need to be deleted

3. nahihiya (wtf?)

4. he’s starting to like somebody else..

5. not inlove.

* if it happens, just slap it into my face. right away. PUTANG INA. i made a lot of effort to commit again and this is what im gna get. stupid pictures. masakit e, bakit ba?!

‘i deleted it along with the others..’ -WHAT OTHERS?

come on. its almost xmas. of all the people, I know i deserve a good year ender.

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