London Layover Again

Goodmorning! I actually got up at 5:54am then waited til the clock hit 6. I prepared the tub, and had breakfast on the side.. haha multitasking.. Jumped on the tub and nkatulog ako ng mga 35mins..sarap magrelax. I loved my 2nd stay here in London. Super nag city tour kmi ni Noelle kahapon na  thank God may pinay, nun una kala ko ako lng. šŸ˜‰ The crew actually planned to go clubbing mlapit lng d2 sa hotel but then, nlaman ko they were gna get drunk and crazy lol nako wag na.. buti may ka-buddy ako (Noelle). We went to Central London.. but this time mas detailed un pasyal ko.. Went to Buckingham Palace, Big Ben & London Eye.. mas malapit na view..haha! Un lang ang daya.. as in right away after magbihis dko man lng naexperience un kama ko, I flew to the ground floor para imeet si Noelle..Hinabol dn namin ung oras. 4 plng kc d2 gabi na..I love London. Sarap mamasyal, tho mejo ok un flight yesterday kc tulungan lahat, walang pumetiks. hehe..


(Platform 9 3/4’Harry Potter’; Buckingham; Big Ben; London Eye )

Sam & me
super mabilisan un work yesterday, I cutted myself dko alm kun san.. buti nlng kalipad ko n nman tong superbestfriend kong si Sam hehe, first aid to the rescue, he was like ‘ bading what what did u do to urself!?” look at his new hair! bwahaha..

Btw on our way here i had my flight deck experience. During landing (to LHR) I was seated sa jumpseat sa flight deck.. ehem! lol took pics too with Captain Carl Dalen & First Officer Alain Borthayre. Kwela sila sobra..they were taking pics and all that during descent.


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