Happy 1st Birthday Hayden!

 Happy bday sweetcake!!!!!!!!!!!!! mommie misses u so much! waaahhh.. I was actually talking to a friend on the phone wen my roaming mobile alarmed.. Hayden’s 1st bday.. aww.. I wish I could be there with him on his first bday day.. but yea have to work, bawi si mommie.. anyway, d lng nmn ako un umalis ng pinas to support a son. I remember, a year ago, me and my friend Leslie were talking about single parenthood.. xmpre ano p nga nman fate naming 2 db.. (super hanga dn ako k Lesles.) But then Im greatful. Everything happened for a reason. Some of those, nagets ko na.. some of them un nga, im stil trying to find out..


Last year I gave birth to my Hayden.. haha! I was scared sabi ko bka d nko magising, pero ayoko nmn ma-cs kc magastos.. haha xmpre ako gumastos. pinagpaguran. awa ni Lord, nkaraos nman..;) Wala nmn akong bitterness.. its just a good thing to look back at.pati un pics na pinost d2 ni nelly nun bagong panganak ako, the video he made for hayden.. i miss you guys! And today, Im working na d2 sa EK, haha ang sarap magrecall, funny kc un mga adventures ko nung nagaapply plng ako sa mga domestic airlines ska kng ano man pwede.. haha! lumuluwas ako almost everyday ng commute no joke mahirap, and nabuhay ako sa patanong tanong, most of the time kc dko alam kng san ba un, then basta makarating on time bhala na pauwi. Nagtabi lng ako ng konting poise kht papano..;)) akalain m nman.. lol

THANK YOU PO LORD! Sana lumaking mabait na bata si Hayden ko.. šŸ˜‰

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