Random Day Off

been reading twilight.. i mean im not a book person pero npabasa ako.. haha!


DSC02809 DSC02802


reserve  reserve reserve.. says my roster..lol so i had to wait til weeknd to see my friends.. we planned to go to a bar, but we ended up playing badminton til 20 past 3 in the morning, hehe.. then wen pauwi n kmi ngkaron n nman ng mgandang idea tong si Jp.. he wanted to see the sunrise, xmpre darn thats a good one so we all agreed.. the ever ready Owen, pinalipad ang sasakyan to Deira frm International City para kumuha ng tent, blangket, pillows at xmpre breakfast n dn.. haha o diba boyscout! then un.. npakalamig sa Al Mamzor beach, but we were not alone.. nkakatuwa n ang daming nagcacamp..haha whatever u call it, funny lng tlga.. hehe





it was breathtaking.. the beautiful morning, sound of the water the ‘birds al arab’ haha tawag ko sa mga ibong arabo..lol ganda..

after that si Lei frustrated kc wala xa ndownload na Twilight, haha blocked d2.. waahh.. so yan inupload ko nlng mga pics sa multiply after ko mag super power nap! hehe…

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1 Response to Random Day Off

  1. korndogg27 says:

    your music selection is nice!

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