ENTRY 279: Im flying tonite


the OFW

… Not done packing yet.. pero haha eto tambay n nmn kay xanga.. Yesterday I attended na the pre-departure orientation seminar sa IPAMS.. so un mga reminders about sa Dubai. Hala. OFW na ko..lol ako na bagong bayani.. haha.. But what I really remembered was what Mr. Hernandez (president of IPAMS) stressed during the seminar.. Feeling ko parang si papa.. naglelecture..hehe.. anyway, Ilalagay ko sa utak ko and in my heart everything that he said.  how to succeed in life. how to be a better person.

Another angel.
Who would have thought na I will fall for someone again. This time mas  marami na kong alam, i mean sa mga ganyan. mas practical. One month of being together, it was beautiful. So alam ko na the risk was worth taking.. He makes me so happy. And I thank God for sending another angel in my life. Kahit lilipad nko tonite, i know my heart will stay here.. sa Pinas. with my family and him. wen i get back, andaming nkaline up na plano. Sana with God’s help, alagaan nya un relationship. Like nga nun mga things na binalato ko n sa Kanya, dagdag sa list to.. Last nite we went to a church.. tabi ng skul nya before.. paused for a while. and again, i cant thank God enough na dumating sya.. mahal ko si Ryan. He’s a little bit of everything.. made it feel just RIGHT, i guess.

bago umuwi.

Btw, pinuntahan namin friends nya sa Rockwell na mausok..lol anyway ok lng hehe naalala ko lng. ayon saya.. kwela n nman…

cge teka mageempake lng ako..


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