Officially together =)

Actually last night. (13th) And yea, this is a weird feeling. Its like an advance gift for my birthday and Its funny how I met Ryan, you can kill me but Im not gna write down the details, haha.. Parang I was just at the right place at the right time and I hope sya din. I cant thank God enough, for giving me a lot of 2nd chances this year.. I mean, after having Hayden, was given the chance to start all over again with my beautiful family..Then with Emirates, I was so frustrated wen I got cutted off on my first assessment, but then I got a call again for another try.. Then Ryan came.hehe.. Naiinis ako why I just cant write about him without smiling.. haha.. Ano nagdadalaga? haha Pero right this very moment nman.. I feel like crying. You know I was praying to God the past months cguro, I mean everything’s perfect aside from one thing. I miss love. And even if I tried to hide it. Hnd pa rn tlga.. its just there.. I have so much love to give and it hurts so much that I dnt have someone to give it to. I cried randomly at night. Then un, I  end up prayng most of the time.

fave picture from his cam

… Then papaalis nko, I met Ryan. Super twist n nman si Lord sa story, but this is a good one.. Naawa n cguro saken.. For me it was magical that back in 2006, I did something that would lead me to him today. That I just had to learn a lot first, meet the wrong people.. Im not saying na he is the right persn for me like destiny or something.. cuz if he came a bit late or early, things would be different. most people end up with the RIGHT PERSON AT THE RIGHT TIME anyways. not the right person alone. So there. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

taken last nite.

I love the feeling when he touched my shoulder na parang saying na ‘Im here.’ nung hinintay ko sya from his meeting, u know, waited long but now he’s here. I love looking at him, caught me, then he smiles.. I like holding his hand and the feeling na our hands fit, parang I dnt want to let go. I like taking pictures of him while driving. Gusto ko sya kulitin lage, haha. And i hate how time flies wen were together. Then maiinis ako bka d n kme magkita, ganon kajologs dude. Parang sana tmigil muna, cuz i know one day, I have to work na, prang ayaw na umalis Just realized that this is another test. And yea, give it to me Im hell

Finally, I love is eyes, and God knows why.

I’m missing him already.

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