ENTRY 268: And they lived happily ever after

Caroline & hubby Cihangir
A good friend just got married.. Well actually a couple of weeks ago n yta, if im not mistaken. I was so excited to see pics,now ko lng nakita, but I saw a clip on facebook nman before.. Congratulations again Leng!!!

hehe! (my story)

Aww.. beautiful couple, they look so inlove and happy.. So feeling nyo may drama ako? wala no.. hehe Just really happy to see happy couples, parang somehow by looking at their pictures, I try to imagine how it would feel to have a partner, haha its free to dream right? lol If I could just record a dream, it would be a good movie! lumalamig na simoy ng hangin, chos! hahaha

coming up soon!

* Anyways, Im kind of enjoying online shopping.. I have 2 items arriving soon, haha.. I want to have my own shop na rin tuloy..
* LAST SONG SYNDROME: How Deep is Ypur Love, haha, listening to it earlier, then lowbatt na si psp so blog muna.. you know i was trying to put myself to sleep, kaso naalala ko natulog pla ko kanina.. sayang lamig p nman.. lol
* Did you know that a stick of cigarette decreases ur life span by 5 minutes? And again did you know that sex increases ur life span for 10 minutes?”– Miriam Defensor Santiago lol, I was watching the news yesterday, I was actually at the kitchen then I heard this.. lol MDS was invited to give a talk to a school, I forgot which school, then she said that.. cute no? haha


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2 Responses to ENTRY 268: And they lived happily ever after

  1. korndogg27 says:

    i was just going to talk about engagements/weddings because just before august, 11 of my friends were engaged this summer alone. 5 of my friends are already married…. and get this, today, my friend who met this girl in early july.. well.. they are now ENGAGED!wow.. just .. WOW….you know a song reminded me of your stranger self… this is the corniest ive been this month so forgive meh *one big smack on my forehead*

  2. angel_yzelle says:

    amazing… yea people around me are so crazy inlove.. WOW! what song is that? hehe boooo! ;p

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