Hayden 9th Month + Updates

its been a few days and im happy to receive something Ive been waiting for..lol Thank you Lord!!! so yea more pics soon k! and for some reason I don’t want to blog about something really adorable happening lately..lol Btw, I’m loving facebook.. actually i use to hate it but then yea, pretty cool actually..

Anyways, my son Hayden is gna be 9 on the 17th, he is so adorable,

* I love the way he calls me “mommy” aww…
* he pulls my hair a lot
* slaps my face too
* reaches on objects and throwing them if not sucking em..lol
* eats a lotttttt!!!!
* loved to be held most of the time and mommie’s back is aching!
* cries everytime I go to the kitchen and leave him on his crib..

so heres a pic..lol on a laundry basket.. hehe
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