ENTRY 262: Love begins with one hello

… a line from the soundtrack of the movie “When Love Begins”.. like last nite with the very useful 25 in 1 dvd that I got from the bangketa, I watched this movie. Sooper ganda.. I like Anne Curtis and Aga Mulach but then I thought that it was a mismatch but then boom, they undeniably clicked on the big screen. It made me realize the things na I want to experience pa in the future.. WHY NOT FALL IN & OUT OF LOVE in an island? and if it comes back, its really yours.. like in the movie (but i’ll stick to falling in and out, no coming back..hehe)..Pero promise its really cute, I mean falling inlove at the beach. I love the beach. so ok lets mark this as one of my wildest dreams..

By the way I loved Anne’s character I the movie, at some point I saw myself, we had the same view and dilemma when it comes to relationships. haha no strings attached please, like that. And maybe until now? I dont know try me. If I’m a car, I’d suggest a test drive..lol but anyways, no plans. Not anytime sooner. Just being corny.

so if you have time (like me na sagana sa extra time waiting forever for ek’s final approval of the departure date), then go look for this movie and grab the most comfortable seat. ganda.

love Anne’s smile here
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2 Responses to ENTRY 262: Love begins with one hello

  1. teamilksugah says:

    hi. please do keep sharing new tagalog movies here on xanga… i haven’t seen a tagalog movie in a long time, but i’m going to be joining netflix soon and just saw that they have tagalog movies!

    ps – aga mulach is so cute with his dimples. i love his smile.

  2. angel_yzelle says:

    of course sure no problem.. i love tagalog love stories too šŸ˜€

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