Happy Me

I went to the mall earlier to buy some stuff. I bought my little brother a flashdrive for school. Bought some clothes again for hayden (and me of course..haha!) and did some window shopping. Guess what.. Christmas songs all over town.. Im feeling Christmas already.. I saw some friends too.. I saw Kristina from hschool and Nezsa. kissed them..hehe! then kumareng Sheena! ayun we talked a bit.. I was happy to see her, and I know ang daming kwento but sadly pauwi nko wen i saw her.. aside from that.. hmm i made my  special spaghetti recipe during lunch.. hehe i made it with love..lol sarap and Im eating again right now.. bwahaha (12:12am) ayan gusto ko ng matulog, kc nmn i enjoyed browsing and browsing and non stop browsing ng kung anu ano online.. anyways, kanina I bought myself a gift. I bought a ring and Im wearing it on my left ring finger.. a sign of  committment of loving and taking care of my family and being God’s obidient  child. This will always remind me of what my purpose on earth really is. Thank you Lord.

Nga pla earlier, I bought a DVD too.. sorry its pirated, binili ko sa bangketa, its a 25 in 1 dvd, haha unbelieveable! I wasnt able to catch this kc in theatres lol So un I watched one of the movies.. A VERY SPECIAL LOVE (Sarah Geronimo & John Lloyd Cruz) haha diba umandar n nmn pagkajologs ko.. haha anyways ang ganda kaya.. highly recommended if you want to laugh and fall in love at the same time.

Moral of the story:
* FIND SOMEONE FAMOUS.. AND WORK IT.. GO AND GET YOUR DREAM GUY! hehehehe… well, just think of it, I believe that fairy tales do exist, who knows right I might marry Nick Carter pla..lol Why Nick? well I remember him lang  cuz of the movie..you know I loved Nick since 3rd grade..haha. ok I’m crazy thats one wild dream..lol Who knows one day he’ll be flying Emirates 1st class.. well well well… hahaha. Im going to bed. this is too much. heehe

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