Trying to avoid judgement

I thank God for giving my extra extra time to reflect on this. Actually the old me wont even bother, she’s gonna be  like “whatever.. I DON’T CARE” , funny these things have some real weight for me now. But its a good thing.

I took sometime to feed my mind with the right stuff and I found what I was looking for. Ive read a lot this morning, and im gna share it in a lil bit. I’d say that it was so quick for me to really judge her (Entry 253), but I’ve come to realize that she may not be really aware of it. Sorry.

Avoiding Judgement.

It is part of human nature to criticise and judge other people. It is very easy to make a long list of complaints and suggestions about other people. But does it help us when we highlight the faults of others? We should feel that we are not responsible for other people’s thoughts and behaviour. If we feel it is our bounden duty to change others, there can be no simplicity and peace in our life. Rather than try to change others, let us just try to focus on changing ourselves. Our own weaknesses are probably more than enough to deal with.-Tejvan Pettinger

**True right? So I would like to change this attitude. like what he said, Our own weaknesses are probably more than enough to deal with.


Don’t Try to Justify It.
Sometimes we give a mistake too much importance and significance; but, at other times we try to ignore it or justify it to ourselves. When we try to justify a mistake and the mind tries to blame it on other people, this is not good. Making mistakes is not the end of the world, but, we do need to learn from them. If we just try to distort reality then we will not be able to learn and move forward from the mistake. Be careful, the mind can be very good at justifying wrong actions and mistakes, but, when we start doing this we will just continue to make future mistakes.

**I believe in this, thats why I posted this. I don’t want to justify the mistake, instead I want to correct it by admitting  that at that point, I WAS WRONG.

See Things from other people’s point of view.
This is something that can be quite difficult to do. When we feel aggrieved at a situation or person, try to place yourselves in their shoes and try to understand their motivations and actions. We don’t necessarily have to agree and sympathise with them. But, if we can really look at an issue from other people’s perspective we can sincerely understand a very different perspective on the issue. This will help us be more sympathetic in our judgement and response.

**Another thng that is true and we should be practicing on a daily basis. And I freakn keep on I think I should buy some more patience, because surely I will encounter the same situation and the kind of person. And next time, I WILL EMPATHIZE , not because I have to, but because it will be a second nature to me..IS A SECOND NATURE TO ME.

Be Willing to Think you May be wrong

Our initial judgements are often wrong. It is a mistake to hold onto these views rigidly. Our perspective is more likely to be inaccurate and unbalance when we become deeply attached to a particular outlook. Sometimes our pride and ego can make us reluctant to soften or alter our perspective. Our ego can exaggerate our problems and blow things up out of proportion

**So yes.. I’m on this stage I MAY BE WRONG. Thank you Lord for making me realize these things. But still of course I made the decision that I dont want her close. And choosing the people that I know will be best for me  is somehow my BIG RESPONSIBILITY.

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4 Responses to Trying to avoid judgement

  1. relmege says:

    Heyy! I know you love your xanga a lot haha. It’s always so cool looking and filled with pictures and stories. Yeah you’re right – xanga is like home. It’s my first blog.

  2. angel_yzelle says:

    @ RELMEGE – haha yea yea… love xanga so much i love dressing it thanks for dropping by! ;)@FULLMETALBUNNY – hi there thanks for the comment.. 😀

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