Why so copy cat?


Finally , I got rid of my copy cat friend. For me she’s still my friend, nut the thing is, we dont have to be really tight..She doesnt need a daily update so I made my move, actually I asked close friends and ok na gnun n nga lng daw. She’s irritating kse. I mean ok, konting recap. Back then she was this jologs kung tawagin ng mga batchmates namen, I even hear them say na “hindi marunong mag mix and match ng clothes” and she always wears daw that elephant pants.. But she’s pretty. Before I ddnt see all these she’s super kind nman and I must thank her for the good advices that she gave me. But then when we got really close, npansin ko unti unti un things n parang hello, are you copying me? lol well theres nothing really bad nman about copying but its really annoying.. I never planned to tell her nman, cuz I dont wanna upset her, I belv nman most of the time she’s not aware na she’s copying na pla.

1.) I love GREEN! one of my friends nga told me na ako lng dw nkakpgsuot ng green kase carry.. then she started wearing greens and became her fave color pa.. edi ayoko n ng green..lol (Im not comfortable kse ng gnun)

2.) I have this brown top na super fave ko tlga.. then she bought the same thing. Suot p namen sa skul ng sabay.. (I know d lng nmn ako may karapatan to wear the stuff pero, it freaks me out. A-N-N-O-Y-I-N-G!)

3.) Friendster layout. well i love friendster. and my layout is always that clean white bg with my image on the right side. When i saw her layout.. f*ckn OKAY bka nagkataon lang..(trying to convince myself)

4.) Content. CAN U BELIEVE IT? pati un line na “we have a lot of catching up to do” gnun nrn un kanya, which before nmn hnd.

5.) Then Multiply. Namulat sa multiply ang bata. To my surprise she left comments on my guestbook about stuffs n dati ayaw daw nya, kesho she dont have plans blah blah..She added me. ako nmn si tanga accept. (I dnt want her to think nman kc n theres something wrong like im no longer comforable with her.

6.) The layout again. I changed my layout to digiscrap, Syempre xa rin. (again, i know i dont own the stuff pero hello? lagi nlng.. sobrang coincidence.)

7.) The content. AGAIN AND AGAIN! like on my profile, she quoted something then made a collage, iono what to call it basta pinagsama samang pics resembling to my visual dna flash thingy nd if may link cguro ko sa page on how to get it she probably did.. but ugali ko na kc i remove the link.. sorry..

8.) Some poses sa pics..( no big deal tho hnd nmn ako nkpansin..)

9.) Company. she said not-so-cool things about a friend who works in Emirates then un nmn pla nag-apply din sya.. parang huh? what a joke..

Then I deleted her on my list and to my surprise AGAIN, alam agad nya n wala nko sa list nya. holy cow.. tskkk.. she sent me a pm, dko binasa. she added me again. dko inaccept. sabi ko nlng bka sira.. gnun. You know if i can just possibly get out of the situation i would so thats what i did. Ayoko na magkasala pa na maasar gnun, ayoko ng gnong feeling. Gusto ko peaceful.So I eliminate sources of bad vibes..

10.) Then hndi nko ngreply whatsoever, and tinago ko na un guestbook ko kc comment xa ng comment na parang blogsite n nya un guestbook ko.. tss. haha. TO MY SURPRISE tinago nrin nya guestbook nya..hala.. anu b yan.

So yea after that view nmn sya ulit sa friendster ko.. basta ayoko ng gnun kc, and she’s kind of becoming super stuck up. Hate stuck ups.. alam m un parang ngcocommercial n ng brand, iba kc un dating ng talagang parang ngsshow off.. so yea thats the story..Wala nmn akong something againts her mbait nmn, kaso may attitude problem na if u speak up, ikaw pa mpapasama..trust me. Kaya un. wag n close, random college mate nlng.. un nlng.

…dko to binilang intentionally, npansin ko lng.. and i know this may sound parang selfish or something pero pwede ba nkakairita kc.. kahit nb sabihing theres nothing wrong.. So kaya nga what i did e ialis un sarili ko sa eksena.

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