The doctor’s prescription

If you feel that someone is trying to drag you down right now, let them.

If you feel that they’re using you to lever themselves up, allow them. Don’t hate them. Don’t curse them.

that by doing this, you’re helping them move. Hope that they move up,
not down. Send back only good thoughts and wishes. You’re being
generous; and your generosity becomes a karma. Let this good karma draw
a memory of goodness and Godliness into the the script of your life you
alone are writing.

The Lord is with you. The Universe supports you.
You can never be pulled down
In the future, there’ll be no bad past to look back at.
Only good memories of the future, brought about by your karma.

This is a simple cycle you should understand…

The circumstances around you and your actions become your karma.
Karma becomes memories.
Memories foster desires.
Desires prompt actions.
And every action, every thought of yours, turns again into your karma.

Ponder upon this.

upright and you’ll be invincible. The time and energy your enemies
devote to you are yours for the taking!!! Harness it and return it to
them as a candle. Light up their paths.


Sincerely Yours,


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