=) nothing much… repost lang.. love my baby!


btw, its been forever, damn got my connection back for good… I went to the hospital earlier for my babys birth certificate..and went to the wireless center for my connection.. Busy mommie. Anyways, I just wanna share with you guys one of my current addiction.. Well its been on for a long time actually even before I got pregnant, but yea super BISHO na to.. lol Ive been listening to Magig for years, King Dj Logan pa on 9-12 slot.. bot yea things get better and better tlga.. Nagiging addict nko sa BOYS NIGHT OUT!!!! I mean who cud resist the sexy time, haha! Shivaker and oh, SAM YG! Tonight Im actually listening to it, Shivaker is on sweet Jesus! haha.. And this guy caller, damn so certified bobo, taking down notes witha water color! haha… they really complete my day then yea start the day with Magig as well with Goodtimes with Mo Twister.. damn life cud be just th couch and the airwaves..lmao. Btw I decided to share one of my sexy time stories with the boys, so u better listen everynight, hehe… MUCH RESPECT GUYS.. at laging may *PERFORMANCE!!* hahaha..

Slick, Tony & Sam

oh boy this is my SAMIR GOGNA! haha

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