ENTRY 225: Happy 2008 =)


2007. Well, It was the most challenging year of my life I guess. January last year started with lots of good stuff in my mind, yet that month, I lost sa pageant. It is not so much of a deal, but  I guess that was a sign that I wil nt going to have a great year. Lost focus. Sobrang walang presence of mind. I was about to graduate, I screw up pa. I had to take summer classes. I dated a jerk & got pregnant. Thought of stupid things. Became desperate and really stupid. I WASNT MYSELF LAST YEAR. I lost control.

girl I used to be

During the first trimester of my pregnancy, I decided to leave home and work in Manila. I left cuz I dont want my family to see me like that. I was still lost then, and I dont want people to see me. Eventually, after a couple of weeks I was able to reflect and clear my head up. I worked as hard as I could so I could provide myself with things that I need and prepare for my coming baby. On my 8th month, I was rushed to the hospital, I needed to leave my job. My mom convinced me to come home, and I did. Everything went ok with me and my Dad. That was a new beginning.

December 17th, I gave birth to a baby boy I named HAYDEN. =) He is the most special gift I ever recieved. I wanna make kwento  about the whole experience, hehe.. well, super hirap maglabor!! So much hard I can say, mas madali pang manganak than un naglalabor. GOSH. Anyways since, nalampasan ko na un, Im so thankful.. Ayoko ng umulit..lol


OUTSIDE WORLD. Finally, nakalabas narin ako ng bahay ni kuya..lol Seriously.. I used to be that selfish young lady. Sarili ko lang iniisip ko, but now, I have Hydn, everythings different. Iba un impact with Hydn coming. He brought the family closer, and me back to my family. He’s a real blessing in disguise. =)


IM TAKING EVERYDAY ONE DAY AT A TIME. I dont have longterm plans. Well I have things in mind for me and my family’s future, saken nlang un. haha! Maxado kong maraming pinlano before, I dont remember na kung alin ba tlga un nafulfill ko, kaya for a change..wala ng plano plano ok. For bukas, yea magpplano ako, like wat I sed, Im taking it one day at a time. wala ng sabi sabi. I’ll do things nlng plus prayers. I know God is with me and my family. And I’ll just hold on to that. =)



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