Im 21.

November 10

IT’S MY 21st BIRTHDAY! yea, yea… I just turned 21 today , and I can say that this is the happiest birthday, so far. Though my dad isnt here with us today bcause he’s working abroad, happy parin cuz diba nga before he left nman ngkaron na ng closure un mtagal naming di pagiging ok. So now tlga I wanna thank God for giving me another year, and yea for the past years din. I thank Him for giving me a peaceful heart and mind. Ok un takbo ng business then my dad nga is earning money as well, nkpgparenovate ng haus and finishings nlng un natitra. And for giving me Hayden and true happiness. ADVANCED HAPPY BITRHDAY TO MY MOM AS WELL ON THE 15th. =)

For those people nman na mga walang magawa like MIA, ewan ko ha, I dont know her, friendster stalker yta na kahit nkaprivate ako and I havnt logged on it for ages e sige and view nakikichismis yta, iono. Kung ano ano mga pinagcococomment. Wla nmn ako ginagwa, at wla kong balak ggwin. My npraning na nman. tss. I am so over that stage para patulan ko pa yang mga nonsense na yan, ewan ko kng san galing yng babaeng

I recieved a phonecall btw early this morning, Alam n nya kung sino sya and thanks for remembering. Im happy na naaalala  pa pla nya ko. hehe.

Btw, my upcoming movie si Bea & John Lloyd “ONE MORE CHANCE” gustong gusto ni mama, ako there’s a line pa from the teaser na “Para sa mga nagmamahal… Para sa mga nasasaktan… At para sa mga umaasa…” I was like, damn! ginawa ba tong movie para saken tlga? haha.. and catching un line ni Bea when she said that “Sana ako nalang… Sana ako nalang ulit..” then the guy replied “She had me at my worst. You had me at my best.. and you choose to break my heart..” awww.. Sana wag mangyare saken to kung eto lang ang isasagot saken.. Gosh, baka mas masakit pa to compared sa panganganak.. lol better yet, KEEP THE FEELINGS TO YOURSELF nlang diba.. OUCH! panonoorin ko yon!! harhar… Share ko lng. So yea, happy birthday to me again.. I’ll cook na.. =) mwuah mwuah!

October 17

Last Friday which was a holiday because of eidl ftir of the muslims, the whole family went out and I decided to shop na rin some things for my baby since 7mos mahigit na si Hayden, kelangan ko na mamili kasi wen he gets bigger, mhirap na mgshop.. So eto na un first


The experience was fun, I was with my mom and lil brother, and my other brother was with my dad naghahanap ng new maleta. I had so much fun, nakakatuwa mgshop ng things for the baby, I picked blues and greens mostly, as in sobrang enjoy ko inabot na ng 4k agad un nabili ko, actually im proud kasi earned the money, hindi ko hinihingi sa parents ko, and even un gagamitin kong money wen I give birth, sakin din. Well, pinapractice ko na un pagiging single mom harhar.. Un crib dpa ko nkakapili wat else pb un mga kulang?.. hmm..basta il give u guys a peek of Hayden’s nursery, actually I already started decorating.. =)

Btw, today nga pla un flight ni papa for Riyadh. Honestly, I was not expecting na maiiyak ako, of course we were never close, not until wen I got back here, ibang iba  na, We had bonding times..and ang sarap sa pakiramdam. =) Lahat tlga ok kaya ngtthank you tlga ko k Lord, sa lahat ng blessings, imagine never kong naisip na magging ok kami ni papa. I just love my family soO much. See what prayers can do..


October 1

First, leme post some my latest pictures, I rcvd a lot of these were taken the other day after my regular check up.



Finally after months of waiting, YES GUYS IM HAVING A BOY! Dpat before pa tlga but my family, they want it to be a bit of a surprise, buti nga pumayag haha.. I had lots of ultrasound sessions na but this is the one that says Im having a boy..Attatched here too is the Ob report..



Yea his name is going to be Chris Hayden . I was suppose to name him after someone bu I changed my mind. Anyways I’m really happy to finally  know na boy.. =)

September 15



My picture above doesn’t really say ‘Boom’ literally but rite now I’ll be posting some updates which for me has an effin boom effect..haha! And I’m kinda looking back these past few days and takn a rewind on what my life has been.

Last week, I was rushed to Paranaque Doctors for passing out.. Earlier that incident, I was just at work and suddenly I just felt like its really hard to breathe and yea passed out. My Tita’s rushed me to the hospital the doctor nebulized me, made “bomba” lol.. Cuz I have asthma rite.By then I was half awake, I already knew what was happening. The doctor advised me to take a total bed rest and to stop working. Yea maybe I was stressed from too much working, nkakainip nman kc walang ginagawa. But yea i need to stop working for the last trimester of my pregnancy actually 7mos n nga. So yea I did. Pahinga nko ngaun. As in. I wasnt even able to attend Shin’s bday celeb here in PI a day before his flight back to Japan.

Anyways, I’m actually home rite now, as in home. Here in Laguna. Going back here is as much hard as magpakalbo, cuz I didnt want my father to see me this way. But my ninong Ben advised me to at least visit here nman. And I thought it was really hella hard but I was wrong. Though my heart was pounding on our way here, greeting my dad when I stepped out of the car was a relief. I missed my family. I thought I will never get the chance to be here again after what happened, but here I am. I can smile and breathe clearly. HOME WITH MY FAMILY. Looking back, I always thought that I don’t even have a family just because my dad and I don’t get along well, I was wrong. I have the perfect family. I was just too blind to see them and appreciate them. And unfortunately I always have to learn the hard way. I thank the Lord for giving them to me.

The next day my dad talked to me. ‘nakakailang’. He started off by asking ‘kmusta kna?’ i replied that I was ok, though mejo ilang tlga, you know we never really talk. Then he told me na ‘Kailangan maging masayahin ka, libangin mo sarili mo. Dapat lagi kang masaya.’ i never had the chance to utter anything yet nagsalita na ulit xa..’Kailangan maging matatag ka, kung anu man ang nangyari sayo salamat pa rin kay Lord kasi andito ka. Yung mga maririnig mo hayaan mo lang, labas sa kabilang tenga.’ and I started crying. ‘Ayan dapat hindi mo iiyakan yan, kailangan maging malakas ka.’ then my mom added ‘hindi ka nman namin pababayaan.’and everything was history… Sarap pakinggan and sa pakiramdam.Sobrang thankful ako kay God I have parents like them. Na matatanggap pa nila ko after magkamali.

Now, I don’t have to think of the future alone just with my baby, I have their full support. I can’t thank them and God enough. Now I dont have to wory bout anything. Madadagdagan pa ug family.=) I AM HAPPY. TRULY HAPPY. Dahil sa early gifts na ntanggap ko aside sa soon baby ko, I will spend my whole life loving them and giving them everything even my life..just for my family.

To Mama, Papi..thank you for giving me another chance and for not forsaking me and sorry for the shortcomings.. To my brothers, i missed you guys..=) To my baby.. soon you will see the world, can’t wait to see you and make history with you. We are all excited to meet you.. =)

…And to God, most of us always desire a perfect situation, a perfect life, yet you do not grant it. Instead you gave us  perfect hearts in the midst of an imperfect life.. Thank you for everything. =)


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