Due to insistent public demand

Havent posted anything for the past hmm, iono weeks, or better make that a month or two.. well, i told my friend Nelson that theres nothing really much to blog about.. but yea im back to make sum updates..


 Btw, I’ve been hearing a lot from baby daddy’s exes. hmm, but I dont think I dont need it. I mean whats the point of reuniting with them. I am so not going to be a member of that kind of club. What u read here on my blog is enough, di na para mkpgkwentuhan pa. Wala kayong mapapala. And hello, the guy said nasty stuffs about all his exes. Wag nyo na ko isali. I dnt wna hear things like, “u knw he told me…blah, blah, blah.” cuz I dont care. If these chicks cant get enough of him, no problem, he’s all yours. Just leave me out of the fucking scene. I NEVER went after him, or will even plan of doing so. If some of his girls are happy to be spared, or to still be on call, disgusting but honestly I have nothing againts that. But just mind ur own businness and tigilan ung “sabi nya..” ect. So not for ur age. IF U CAN’T MOVE ON, KAYO NLANG OK. `sighs`

Anyways, nga pla guys sooner bubu’s music video is going to be out on MYX so yea watch out and support him. =) On Dannie pla, he went back to California for a short vcation and he’s gna be back in September., funny u know we live near each other, at khit bumabagyo nagyayaya umalis.. wtf?? lol check out his video.. his version of IN A RUSH. enjoy!

Dannie’s Vid


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