Well I went to Alabang today for another job interview, though I already have an offer from People Support. Makati is to far kasi. Talo ko xmpre byahe araw araw un.. so I tried sa Alabang. Yesterday I was also there for the first screening and unexpectedly I met Ish’s cousin Xavier, he’s one of the interviewers tas sakin pa npatapat, but we found after I passed the interview na, he gave me a slip kc and an endorsement letter for a Banking company, then un nga natanong ko.. more on that, I didnt pass the 4th interview kanina..Anyways, after that I went straight home. pagod. then konting panhinga tas, I watched The Promise.wala akong maramdaman, Gusto kong masaktan, I dont understand if their love was fulfilled. palagay ko it failed. walang kwenta un movie.. Wala namn kc kong love life e, at di na magkakaron pa. Akala ko maganda pinanood ko nman.. ewan dko alm kng ngging bitter lng ako..whatever..



Human Nature.

Anyways… I want to be mad, pero wala na rin akong lakas pa to fight. ANG SAMA NG LOOB KO KAY LESLIE. He told a gay friend about my pregnancy i duno sabi nya di daw nya sinabi, pero dona txtd me about it na un nga. then Kumalat na. People started talking about it. Even sina Jomel, from highschool. Sympre dikit dikit na yan. They were saying that its KARMA, it hurts. Cuz kht kelan that thought never crossed my mind, na karma un magiging anak ko. Parang i wanted to say something but, wala na akong maireact. I am TRYING MY VERY BEST para maging ok at positive and then ul hear these things from people na malapit saken. Hindi nila alam kng ano pingdadaanan ko pero they judge me like they know me so well. Masakit, and i dnt even have a shoulder to cry on, aside from ish. e si ish shes going back to skul this june. dko na rin xa mxadong mkakasama.


well ngaun d na ko mxadong nsasaktan unlike kanina wen i first heard of the news. initial reaction lang siguro. bahala na si Lord sa kanila. Ako mahal ko un magiging anak ko, and even though nagkamali ako sa mga nangyare, i want to fix things. and siguro nga the least that i have to thInk about is WHAT OTHER PEOPLE WILL SAY. aside from the fact that its not gnah help me, I shouldnt LET IT GET ME. like wat mareng Caroline said. I SHOULD EXPECT THE WORST, ITS ALL PART OF IT. these are the things na kelangan ko pa palang tanggapin… AMEN. may God bless these people….bow!


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4 Responses to ENTRY 216: DON’T JUDGE ME, I’M NOT A BOOK!

  1. peter_rabbit says:

    Rx,just passing by. you know, you don’t have to put up with what everyone else says. what’s important is that you stay true to yourself. if they say things like that, or judge you by what happened, then they don’t deserve to be called your friends.i have no idea what you’re going through but i know it’s hard. i have friends who went through the same thing. heck, i’ve got patients who went through the same thing (aside from monthly check-ups they also got free psych check-up/emotional support therapy haha!). but this is what i always say to them: that becoming pregnant is not a mistake. it is the best thing that can happen to them, to you. every pregnancy is a miracle, because from you a new life will be born.good luck on your job hunting! take care always ayt?

  2. nelsie says:

    wow, very well said.. ganda naman ng comment niya..ummm… nawala ung Fone ni Les last friday… O_O

  3. Anonymous says:

    haloo yzelle… naku basta think positive.. for sure yung baby mo ang blessing sayo 😉 don’t mind them  alryty?
    tc yzelle

  4. angel_yzelle says:

    Thanks sa reseta Doc, lol ^_^ i mean seriously.. nkatulong ng malaki… gumaan un loob ko… haayy…. sana resetahan mo pa ko ulet…=)
    Pareng Nels.. yea  i agree..
    Ghen, an ganda ng new layout mo bruha ka… na miss kita!! mwuah!!

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