Yesterday I aplied for travel erep online and after a few hours I recvd a phonecall from the company, saying that I’ll be interviewed today. (urgent huh?!) So yea im preparing, im leaving in a lil bit, and yea quite nervous. but im just keeping my fingers crossed.. God please help me. I need this job.

Btw, my friend Care gave birth to her daugther Mia Amerie last May 19, im just so happy for her. =) wow bagong inaanak..


welcome to the world!

I just wish wag na ko mastress.. kc things are really hard for me, but i know things will never get better for me, so im trying to be better in this situation. My brother, the one whos i college, nagtatapon ng pera.. 1st year na last year, first year ulit this coming semester.. nkaka lungkot lng. hnd tuloy ako mkapagsabi sa bhay ng probs especially bout my freakn hard pregnancy, cuz ayoko ng dumagdag pa. Basta il find myself a job, so hnd maxadong pabigat. kaya ko pa nman, thank you Lord for the strength, though i still spend my nights cryung just to release the pain na nararamdaman ko. I have to be strong. Please Lord dont leave me. Please guide all throughout.

We moved n nga pla.. place is good, malamig, haha.. so yea i have to go na.. dont wanna be late for the interview. =)

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3 Responses to ENTRY 215: JOB INTERVIEW

  1. korndogg27 says:

    are you in philippines, PHILIPPINES .. or are you just from there.

    ok that may be a confusing question.

  2. Anonymous says:

    yzelle!!! musta na.. nabasa ko mga past entry mo and I was shocked.. ngayon ko lang nalaman na you’re pregnant… be strong okei.. i’ll pray for you and your baby..
    na miss ko blog mo hehe šŸ˜€
    goodluck sa new job

  3. angel_yzelle says:

    mare miss u too! as in sobra! love u! thanks ah! i really need prayers… =)

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