I havent seen this film.. haha bago! cuz Ive been watching Angel-Richard movies every February since 2005’s Let The Love Begin. After a year, I watched I Will Always Love You alone in the cinema, and this 2007 di ko na kinaya..lol di nako nanood..haha! Puro partners namn kc nanonood e.. Kawawa nman ako diba..lol But yea yesterday yta or the other day Michael asked me to see this movie, diko pa npapanood, but im planning to rent later siguro. Matuwa nman kaya ko sa movie na to? haha… Well, we’ll see.. Anyways, yesterday the whole day yta ako nagisip bout Michael since we talked about things the other day nga.




All I asked you was to


These are the last words na naaalala ko from our convo…. I just can’t get it off my head. Kasi ako nga un nagkamali.. Inisip ko un the rest of the day. I mean I told him na I NEVER REALLY MOVED ON” and it was true. Maybe the real reason why I NEVER committed myself to anyone else after him, is bcuz I know deep inside my heart na, kahit ideny ko naghihintay ako. Pero as I said on my recent posts, everything turned out different. As in everything. Masakit sakin as much as it hurt him, pero wala nakong magawa e.. Even if once i dreamed of being his ALWAYS & FOREVER. Wala na nga siguro kong magagawa, fate na un nagsasabi na,

IT’S JUST NOT MEANT TO BE,  ano pa nga ba un mahirap intindihin don diba, eto pla un stage na kht gustuhin mo hindi pwede.. totoo pla no..



Well, naging coward man ako na aminin kaht sa sarili ko un totoo, I know he knew. Gnun  nman kme even from the start. Words weren’t necessary, cuz the heart has its own language, na kahit ako I don’t understand.


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